I have a new book!

My new book was released last Thursday. This book is different from my others, both in content and execution. This one is self-published and I did almost everything myself, including interior design and cover design. I had hoped to do it all, but ran up against my limits with technological expertise and had to ask for help from lovely brilliant people to take it the rest of the way. I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

The book was inspired by a group I have facilitated at The Book Loft in Fernandina Beach, FL for the past three years which we called Living Creatively. Once a month, a group of mostly women and a few men would come together for two hours and we would talk about some aspect of creativity and do creative activities. The topics ranged from “archetypes of creativity” to “imagination” to “seasons of creativity” and my partner, Robyn Nemes, often brought wellness topics as well - mindfulness, alternative therapies, healing sounds. Whatever our theme for the month, we all learned and were inspired by each other to live our lives more creatively day by day.

At some point, I felt I really wanted to put some of this into a book to share more broadly and as a gift of sorts to those who participated in the group. And I did. I decided to self-publish to stretch my own boundaries and to learn what it took to make a book.

It was a great experience. There are few things I promise to never do again, but mostly I loved it!!!

Here you go. The book is for sale exclusively through The Book Loft, 214 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, (904)261-8991, thebookloftamelia.com. The best little independent bookstore in the world, in my opinion.