Traveling Stories: Lessons from the Journey of Life

Stories to help you heal, grow, and flourish.

I am pleased to announce that my new book, Traveling Stories: Lessons from the Journey of Life, will be out in a few weeks - September 30, 2014. As the title says, this is a book of stories, all true and drawn from my own life and from experiences shared with me by friends and clients. Each one is an example of how we learn life's lessons and find answers to our most important questions.

My hope is that people will find encouragement and hope in its pages, along with some specific guidance for choosing where to look and what to trust. Each life is an extraordinary story made up of many small stories. Within them we find our truth, our meaning, and our purpose. The message of this book is a simple one:

Pay careful attention to your stories. They have power. They teach you what the world is like and what your part is in it. They can help you create a better you and a better world.

The lessons are all there waiting to be learned. Here's what some early readers have said:

'It is a treasure trove of stories that will open your heart, spark new ideas, and shine a light on your own stories. Not only that, they assure you that your stories matter.'

'This book will be a blessing, a teacher, a helper.'

'Things to hold onto during the dark hours'

'An enlightening and entertaining book's on how to enjoy the process of revising and reworking our own life stories.'