Why Therapy?

  Some of the reasons people go for therapy:

Problems in relationships; sadness, grief, and loss; life crises such as divorce, retirement, death of a significant other, business failures; chronic feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt; problems with alcohol, drugs, food, spending, gambling, sex; problems in functioning in important life areas such as work or school; chronic worry/anxiety; feelings of emptiness or meaninglessness.

Some of the reasons people don't go for therapy:  fear, shame, pride, ego, stigma.

Benefits of therapy:  symptom relief, clearer self-image, better relationships, better coping, behavioral change, direction and hope.

As one of my client's said, "I'm just too old to keep on feeling this bad."  He was 30 at the time.  We all too old to keep on feeling this bad.  If you think therapy might be helpful to you in any way, please give it a try.  You can always change your mind.