The Courage to Be

The Courage to Be, by Paul Tillich, is one of the most influential theologists of the 20th century, gave a series of lectures at Yale University on courage.  These lectures became the basis for this book which helped to shape the thinking of generations of educators, theologians, psychotherapists, and philosophers.  If you have no interest or experience with philosophy or theology, it might be tough reading.  Still, it's an important book that helps us understand anxiety, how it differs from fear, and how we can find our way through it and beyond it back into meaningfulness through courage.  Somehow, this book helped me find the courage to heal and, thus, to be.  Read it if you want to.  If not, take heart from it anyway. Courage is just as much our birthright as the anxiety it confronts. "The courage to be is the courage to accept oneself, in spite of being unacceptable."  Paul Tillich