Books by Terri Clements Dean


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Traveling Stories, drawn from the author's travel, her psychology practice, and her life, focus on the ways in which life's lessons make their way to us in the small things, in the unexpected, in the struggles, and in the ordinary, gently guiding us to discover the next step in our own life journey.  "....a treasure trove of storied wisdom and remembrance.  A rich must read."  Paula M. Reeves, PhD, Mythographer and Author

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Each human life is an extraordinary story made up of many small stories, moments and themes that together shape the journey and the traveler. This companion book to Traveling Stories:  Lessons from the Journey of Life, is designed to help you tell your story and, in so doing, make your next best life. 


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Wholeness is both our birthright and our charge - to life fully, joyfully, and honestly with love and grace our loyal companions. The stories and essays in Grace Notes remind us that we are each always on the path of wholeness and that our stories, while ours alone, are deeply connected to the broader human story.

"The stories in Grace Notes are sacred, powerful, inspiring, and moving. It is one of the most beautiful books I've had the privilege to read.  Joan Daniel"