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Terri Clements Dean, Ph.D., is an author and clinical psychologist with experience in diverse settings, including private practice and mental health organizations. Her work is guided by a psychodynamic approach and philosophy that honors the emotional and psychological challenges people often face, and is also deeply hopeful. A former anthropologist and perennial student of human nature, Terri loves nothing more than hearing people’s stories and learning how they live and adapt and grow and change. She also loves to tell stories.

Her workshops, seminars, and books reflect these loves as well as her belief that human development is a life-long journey toward wholeness. “Psyche always pushes us toward wholeness with or without our cooperation. Even the smallest agreement on our part produces downright stunning results.”

Terri lives on a magical island in NE Florida with her adored husband, Mark, and their handsome canine best buddy, Sunny, and travels whenever she can. At home, she likes reading, spending time with friends, playing games, laughing, and exercise. She’s an arts-lover - drama, film, visual arts, music, and the written arts, any and all. She sometimes cries when she’s writing from pure joy. She thinks she might be the luckiest woman in the world.

From her small office in the back of an independent bookstore Terri does creativity and life enhancement coaching and teaches classes about interesting things like journaling and dreams and hope and courage.

She’s taking acting classes, learning how to play bridge, and considering taking up ballet.


  • Private Consultation: Creativity, Transitions, Enrichment
  • Clinical Supervision: Mental Health, Addictions
  • Seminars and Lectures

If you would like to invite Terri to speak at your event or discuss options for private consultation, please use the Contact Form provided. All inquiries are confidential and answered promptly. 


"Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts.  Life itself still remains a very effective therapist."  Karen Horney, American analyst and author.